Putting in the Miles (Part 4)

Be Still and Know

So I am exactly 28 days out from the Chicago Marathon and I just finished my first 20 mile run and finished in 3:14:24 which is roughly a 9:45 mile. As I said before, I’ll post updates about things I’m learning throughout the whole experience that I hope can help you.

Pastor Moore, who has been giving me tons of practical advice when it comes to running a marathon told me that toward the end the most important things will be what I eat and how much rest I get. To say it simply, I’ve found that to be a fact. I don’t have a problem on the eating side, for me, it’s taking time to rest.

I’ve really realized in my walk with God that so much of my relationship with him depends on:

  • What I eat
  • How much time I spend resting in His presence

Again, for me . . . I have no problem getting in the word, reading books, listening to sermons, etc..(Eating). For me, it’s taking time to wait on Him. In the Word, God says, Be still and know that I am God. He tells Moses on top of the mountain to just be. I constantly have to ask myself, am I too busy to spend time resting in Him? I know if I am, that in the end, I won’t have the outcomes I am hoping for.

So Ask Yourself:

Are you eating right? (Getting in the word, reading books, listening to sermons)

Are you taking time to rest? (Spending time just waiting on God, praying, just … being)


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