Putting in the Miles

One of my life goals is to run a marathon. In January of this year, one of my mentors (Larry Bettencourt) finished his first marathon and this inspired me to make the decision to run my first this year. Pastor Larry and I decided that we’d run the Chicago Marathon together in October.

I started running in March and started our actual marathon training in May. Today I just finished my first 12 mile run. 12 miles…I’ve put in over 200 this year! Considering in high school I couldn’t finish nor was I at all interested in finishing one mile…I’m even impressed!

Pastor Moore, who is training for his 3rd marathon told me that through my marathon train I would get a lot of sermon illustrations and life lessons. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more… but here is one that’s been building up in me.

Saturdays are our big runs… this is the day we generally increase in mileage each week… I’ve gone from 4 to 6 to 8 to 10 to 12. These days are what people call “putting in the mile days”. You don’t pay attention to your pace… you just run nice and slow and the whole point is to just break through physical barriers so your body can adjust.

I think where most people miss it in life is that they don’t “put in the miles’ they’re supposed to put in. I’ve had several youth pastors (with experience) ask me how I got on staff at Victory. Honestly… I put in the miles. I often think that if I were a student out of Bible School and applied to work there… I wouldn’t have a prayer, but I’ve been serving in this ministry for going on 6 years, I went to every service I could, helped out as often and anywhere I could, always went the extra mile, and went out of my way to look for ways to learn, serve, get mentored, etc.

When I suggest people pick up a second job and go to a larger church and just spend time serving there and learning the culture of a big church . . . I find that few people are willing to put in those miles… and that is why few people will ever accomplish what God has put in there hearts… they’re not willing to stick it out and constantly day in and day out put in the mileage.

I could go on… but I don’t like long blogs… I need to get better at this… more on the marathon and more lessons to come!


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