Qualities of an Awesome Family

I thought I’d share some qualities of awesome families that I’ve learned through my family and through my girlfriends family, the Steidel’s:

  • Awesome Families do Life Together – When everything in life collapses, your family should be there for you. They’ll laugh with you in the good times, cry with you in the bad, celebrate your successes, and encourage you through failures. Through the good, bad, and the ugly, family is there!
  • Awesome Families have Family Traditions – Some of my favorites are: Valentines Day dinners, dying Easter eggs, watching the Grinch on Thanksgiving night, a special Christmas breakfast, coffee together in the morning, monthly breakfasts!
  • Awesome Families Eat Together – this is really important. And not just eat and not talk. Conversation is critical. Eating together must be a priority and happen no matter what!
  • Awesome Families have Quality Conversations on Purpose – My favorite example, every birthday, everyone goes around the table saying why they’re thankful for the birthday boy/girl! Or at our new years dinner, we all go around to each person and talk about how we’ve seen them grow throughout the year. They end up being conversations we never forget!
  • Awesome Families Celebrate each Others Lives – Birthdays, promotions, graduations, or anything else great that happens should be celebrated!
  • Awesome Families Confront each Other – I always use this quote with friends, but I’ll put family in there for now: “Families love you the way you are, but real families love you enough to not let you stay where you are.” Families should have the right to speak into each others lives!
  • Awesome Families Set Up Boundaries – I never had boundaries growing up. That was awesome when I was young. Now that I’m older, it stinks! I have to learn at 25 how to put healthy boundaries in place! Setting boundaries is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your family.

  • Awesome Families Encourage – If you have an awesome family, you can go to them when you’re discouraged and be totally vulnerable with them. You should end up leaving the conversation feeling like you can conquer the world!
  • Awesome Families Vacation Together! – You owe it to you and your family to take a vacation once a year. So many unforgettable memories take place on vaca. It’s such a special time.
  • Awesome Families go to Church Together – Going to church together is important! Go to church then go to lunch and talk about what God is doing in your lives! It’ll bless you!
  • Awesome Families Pursue God together – Not even family is as important as our walk with God. Families need to make sure everyone is putting God first above everything else. If that is the case, their lives and their families will be awesome!

What am I missing? What are some more qualities of an awesome family?


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