One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalm 90:12

Last month, I was at Light of Life‘s graduation ceremony listening to our graduates share their stories. While I was listening, this question popped into my mind: If my time at Light of Life ended tomorrow, would I be satisfied with the way I spent this season of my life? 

As I reflected on that question, I recognized that there were several things I would have done differently if my season at Light of Life ended. I would have spent more time getting to know this staff member. . .I would have spent more time getting to know our clients. . . I would have. . . You get the point.

As I finished reflecting, I felt like Scrooge on Christmas morning! I realized that my season at Light of Life wasn’t over and I have the daily opportunity to do all of the things that I would like to do!

The question I’d like you to ask yourself today is: If the season of life you are in right now ended tomorrow, would you be satisfied with how you used that season? 

  • If you’re marriage ended tomorrow for whatever reason, how would you evaluate how you loved your spouse?
  • If your job ended tomorrow, how would you evaluate how you spent your time there?
  • If all of your relationships ended tomorrow, how would you evaluate your part in the relationship?
  • If your life ended tomorrow, how would you evaluate how you spent it?

These questions aren’t intended to make you feel guilty, but to inspire you to act. If you would do something different in a season of your life if it ended today, then why don’t you start doing those things so you don’t have to regret not doing them? 

My prayer is not only that God would teach us the brevity of life, but that He would also teach us the brevity of every season we’re in. When we realize that the season of life that we’re in right now won’t last forever, we live differently.

I hope that by asking yourself the question I presented today that you’ll make the most of the season you’re in right now, because one day, it will come to an end. Live every day and every season with this in mind and you will find yourself living a life full of purpose and joy.


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