Quitter by Jon Acuff

This was one of the best books I’ve read over the past few years! The tagline of the book really explains what the book is all about:

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job.

The book is Jon Acuff telling the story of his journey from working his day job to being able to work his dream job full-time and the lessons he learned in between. For me, the big takeaway was valuing your day job while you’re on your way to your dream job. For me, too often, I focus on my dream job rather than my day job. I was cheating my employer and cheating myself from getting everything I could get out of my day jobs.

I liked this book because it didn’t just focus on your dream job. It focused on the journey required to get to working your dream job.

If you find yourself working a job you’re not that wild about and dreaming and working all day long on your dream job, you need to grab this book immediate.



  • But let me assure you, nothing you do will be wasted. Every decision you make, every path you take, has the ability to contribute something you need to succeed at your dream.
  • We always assume that more free time will equal more productivity but often that isn’t true.
  • If you want your dream job to work, work on your day job.
  • 1. I’ll be able to eat this week because I went to work. 2. I’ll be able to sleep out of the rain this week because I worked. 3. I’ll get to wear shoes today because I have a job. 4. If I break my pelvis, I will have the insurance to pay for it. 5. I will not have to canal my own roots because I work. 6. I’ll be able to support a nonprofit organization because I work
  • When you do your dream on work time, that’s stealing from your employer.
  • Being out of the public eye is the perfect opportunity for you to get better at what you do before you go really big.
  • But don’t see invisibility as a punishment or a failure. See it as a gift. See it as something fleeting that is worth cherishing while it’s still around. Don’t rush through the one chapter that celebrities like Eminem long to stay connected to.
  • “My job funds my dreams.”

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  1. Really enjoying reading this, Melissa. I have been so curious about the feelings behind LGBTQ and how they are dealt with. I know that you and your husband’s stories are not going to be the same as another’s…but I think since I have been reading you for so long and feel like I “know” you a bit…it is somewhat freeing and helping me understand you a bit better (if that makes sense)! Plus, as I am raising my children, I feel like it’s good for me to learn about this and try to understand it so that I can teach my children about it on some level (whether they might have the same struggles, end up knowing and loving someone with the same struggles or even just to know about it at a high level so they don’t make rash and hurtful judgements).

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