Quotes of the Week 12.18.09

This is going to be a new consistent blog post – Usually every week I try to grab quotes I’d like to memorize and record them on my iphone and listen to them often so I can get them in my head and heart. I’ll now also be sharing them through blog posts so I have to write them out, and as always, I hope they add value to your life!

  • “There’s not lack of people that need ministered to, but there is a lack of people who have something to say when they’re ministering.” –Keith Moore
  • “Character is the complete sum of all of your thoughts” -James Allen
  • “If we lack faith our leadership will never have power, if we lack love, our leadership will never have purpose.” -Gerald Brooks
  • “Long before people follow you, they hear about you.” -Gerald Brooks
  • “When you learn a lesson, find ways to live it, or else you’ll have to relearn it.” -Gerald Brookswisdom
  • “People want to change their circumstances, but they’re unwilling to change themselves.” -John Maxwell
  • “If life gives you a chance to watch, then get on the front row.” -Gerald Brooks
  • “Learn when you don’t have to lead.” -Gerald Brooks
  • “It’s the changed life, not the crowd that makes the difference.” -Gerald Brooks
  • “Any time your stage time exceeds your prayer time, you’re in trouble as a leader.” -Gerald Brooks

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