Most Read Blog Posts from 2011

My top read blog posts from 2011:

1.) Drugs -This is one of my most popular posts ever. All about drugs!

2.)What to do when you don’t know why – Great question… So … What do you do?

3.)Don’t Forget Who You Are – Don’t!

4.) Opportunities Part 2 – Are you taking advantage of the opportunities before you?

5.) 25 Years of Life: My Conclusion so Far – My thoughts on life at 25!

6.) Feeling hopeless? Find hope this Christmas – Quit wasting your life looking for hope in places and things you can’t find it in…

7.) Are You the Underdog or the Favorite? – See yourself as the favorite . . .

8.) Your Choices and God – Choose to follow God… no matter what.

9.) Grow Something – When you’re able to grow something, you’ll go to a new level . . .

10.) Do Your Best, Forget the Rest – Make the most of your gifts and the time you do have…

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