Most Read Blog Posts of 2012

My most read blog posts in 2012:

1.) Marriage: Worth It – Our journey to marriage…

2.) Success Doesn’t Feel Like Success – You are more successful than you think you are . . .

3.) Are You Building a Great Life? – How are you doing in the following areas?

4.)The Hand You Have Been Dealt – People that do the best they can with the hand they’ve been dealt will always thrive in life.

5.) Cherry Coke – A story about Warren Buffet that could change your life…

6.) How to Get to Where You Want to Be –  The best way out of where you are is to do the best you can where you are.

7.) If You Really Knew Me . . . – How you finish that statement matters… a lot!

8.) Decision #2 – A message by Laura and I on dating . . .

9.) Are You Grateful for Your Life? – Well, are you?

10.) Outgrow Your Job –  Your goal should be to out grow every job you are in!

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