What I Read in the Fall of 2013


Vegabonding by Rolf Potts – I read this book because it was the first book Tim Ferris had everyone read in his book club. It’s a book about traveling. Vegabonding is about taking extended periods of your life to travel. The book is full of travel hacks. If you love to travel, this is a quick read and it will inspire you to rethink the way you travel. It’s a great guide book to keep with you when planning a trip. I’d only recommend this book for those who have a passion for traveling.

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The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller – This is really a mini-book. You can read it in 30 minutes or less. Never judge a book by it’s length. Especially if Tim Keller wrote it! If you are a Christian, this is a must read. The message is simple: It’s not about you. Applying it is difficult. This book will give you a vision for forgetting yourself and focusing on God. A must read!

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn by John C. Maxwell – What year of my life would be complete without reading a new John Maxwell book? I would definitely say that outside of having a personal relationship with him, John has been the most influential mentor in my life. If he writes a book or puts out a message, I’m on it! Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn is John’s sequel to Failing Forward. The tag line says it all: Life’s Greatest Lessons are Gained from our Losses. This book will help you realize it’s ok to fail. In fact, we need to be failing often so we can grow! If you struggle with perfectionism, this book is for you. If you struggle with guilt and shame when you do fail, this book is for you. Enjoy.

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David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm Gladwell is brilliant. If he writes a book, you should read it. I don’t naturally think like he does, so I am always challenged and inspired by his writings. The big takeaway for me in this book was that disadvantages are not always disadvantages. The book will help you realize that just because circumstances may make it seem as if you’re an underdog, you’re not. You can be a hero. You can make a difference. Not everything is as it seems. Read it.

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God of the Underdogs by Matthew Keller – Matt Keller is Pastor of Next Level ChurchGod is doing some incredible things in and through his life and their church. I would definitely encourage you to follow him! I read this book for a small group I’m in. I thought the book was an easy read and extremely encouraging. If you are in need of encouragement, if you often feel like an underdog, if you doubt that God can use you, then you need to read this book.

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The 21 Indipensible Qualities of a Leader by John C. Maxwell – I can’t believe I only read this book recently! I’ve heard John reference it a million times. If you want to know what a leader looks like, read this book! It’s an easy read and gives you a great vision of what qualities make-up a leader. This book challenged me in areas that I need to grow in and helped me identify and affirm leadership qualities in others. If you’re a leader, read this book.

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What books have you read this year that have made an impact on you? Comment below! 

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As a side note, a lot of you have asked me how I read so many books. The truth is, I read a lot of books at the same time and I read a chapter a day in each book. I try to read for 45 minutes to an hour each day. It’s a discipline I believe is worth the effort and sacrifice. Schedule time to grow! If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen!

Also, I believe I can learn from anyone, but that does not mean that I agree with and endorse everything that is said in every book I read. In Bible School, one professor taught us to always “be as smart as a cow . . . eat the hay and spit the sticks.” If I don’t agree with something someone says, then “spit it out” and forget about it. If it’s good and I agree, I try to apply it to my life. I’d recommend you do the same when consuming information.

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