Last week, we had Dr. Bruce Bickel come in and teach our Serving Leaders Cohort. I learned so much from him. In fact, I’ll probably make a blog post out of my notes from our time with him. Today I want to focus on a specific part of his talk, which focused on respect.

Bruce said, “Throughout history, every culture that has gone through demise has been due to a lack of respect. Our country is severely lacking respect for everything. We need to model respect so others will respect.”


So, how do you model respect? Here are a few areas of your life where you need to show and model respect and how you can do it:

Your Relationship with God – Do you respect and honor God? God is good, but he’s not your homeboy. He’s God. We need to give Him the honor and respect He is due.

Your Relationship with Your Parents – Do you respect your parents and grand parents? I Timothy 5:8 has wrecked me over the past year. If your parents are older, do you take care of them? They spent a ton of time and energy taking care of you when they didn’t have to. Do you speak well of them regardless of their short comings? Do you thank them for the way they raised you? Do you spend time with them? Do you create new memories with them?

Your Possessions – In his talk, Bruce told us how he washes his car every week. When his daughter was young, she said, “Dad, why are you always washing your car?” He said, “Honey, in the Bible we’re promised food and clothing. Any other possessions are a gift from God. We are to take care of them and respect them. You don’t have a right to them, you have a responsibility.” The next week she was washing her bike while he washed his car.

Do you respect your possessions? Do you wash your car? Keep it clean? How about your room? Your house? Do you take good care of all of your possessions?

To People in Authority – This one wrecked me! Bruce said, “Authority is God given. If you have a boss in your life that treats your poorly, realize that they have a divine appointment over your life.” Them having authority determines your response to their authority, not their response to you. You may not respect them, but you have respect their position.” How do you treat people in authority in your life?

To People and PeersDo you treat others how you would want to be treated? Do you serve people? Do you show respect? Are you considerate? Do show you respect them by how you talk to them?

To Property – Do you respect property? Do you make your yard and hour look great? If you see trash on the ground, do you pick it up? Do you respect the city we live in?

Some of these things may seem insignificant. They’re not. They are very significant. 10 years ago, I would have laughed if you would have told me these things matter. Today, I value these things more than ever, and you should to. It affects our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

Make it a goal this year to become a more respectful person. As a leader, people are watching you and mimicking you. Model respect. The more respectful you become, the more respectful others around you will become, and the more respectful others become, the more respectful our city, state, nation, and world become.



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  1. What a bunch of bullsh#t!! You’re sheep. Weak and you need some entity to CONTROL your every move, feeling and thought. No different than being in prison.

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