Road to the Philadelphia Marathon (Part 2)

“We know that Sunday is just a victory lap, because we run.”

Lesson #2: Value the Process over the Event

This lesson proves true in every area of life. In 20 weeks of training for the marathon I:

Ran for over 75 hours

Ran over 500 miles

Burned over 75,000 calories

That is no including the cross training I did. Now think about that, 75 hours of running and over 500 miles logged all for one event, a 26.2 mile run, that will take me no longer than 4 hours. That is a lot of work for a four-hour event. Does that sound insane for you? If so, then why do so many people do it?

Because there is no experience like crossing the finish line after everything you’ve put into this event. The event always makes the process worth it, but the event can’t happen without the process.

Joe Frazier said, “All the training you’ve done on all of those early mornings, shows up in the ring the night the lights go on.”

Training for a marathon helps you to appreciate the process of doing anything great. It helps you appreciate the process of building a great reputation, a great marriage, a great career, a great family, putting on a great event, making a huge impact . . .you name it.

Everyone wants to do something great, have a great marriage, have a great family, etc., but few people want to go through the process required to get there.

If we’re ever going to do anything significant in life, we are going to need to learn value the process more than we value the event.

Training for a marathon has taught me this time and time again. Whether it’s running a marathon or putting on a great event, you have to learn to enjoy the journey and love the process!



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