Running on a Treadmill

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. -Proverbs 3:5-6

Have you ever made your own plans for your life? Have you ever worked so hard at something and in the end, all of your efforts got you nowhere? You felt like you were making progress, but you weren’t. You become tired and frustrated.

On the other hand, haven’t there been times where you trusted God with your life, plans, and dreams and you got farther faster, you made more progress, you did not get worn out, and you enjoyed every second of the journey? I have been in both of these scenarios.

I equate making my own plans and trying to do things in my own strength to running on a treadmill. You think you’re making progress, but you’re not actually going anywhere! You are just wasting time and energy. 

I find myself in that place often. Trying to make something of myself. Trying to go places no man has ever gone before! The end result is often feeling like I am running on a treadmill and having God pat me on the back and say, “Keep going son . . . you are going reaalllyyyy far in life!” (I’m sure God is sarcastic at times!)

Too often I live my life by 60% of my plans and 40% of God’s and it gets me nowhere. God wants all of my heart, all of my dreams, all of my desires, and all of my life.

When we choose to surrender everything to Him, that is when we will start making progress. Until then, we’re just running in place.

Give up your plans for His today. Trust Him.


Here are some scriptures for you think dwell on:

A person may plan his own journey, but the LORD directs his steps. -Proverbs 16:9

For apart from me you can do nothing. -John 15:5

Look here, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we are going to a certain town and will stay there a year. We will do business there and make a profit.” How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. 15 What you ought to say is, “If the Lord wants us to, we will live and do this or that.” 16 Otherwise you are boasting about your own plans, and all such boasting is evil. -James 4:13-16





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