Running & Raising Money for the Light of Life!


On Sunday, November 20th, I am running the Philadelphia Marathon. 26.2 miles! This will be my 4th full marathon! I have really come to enjoy them!

In my previous 3 marathons, my goal was simply to finish and have a good time with the people I trained with.

This marathon is a little different for me though, I have two goals:

  •  1.) To run it in under 4 hours!

I have been working at Light of Life for 7 months and I absolutely love what we are about and what we do to help people who are homeless, needy, addicted, and abused.

If you would like to know more about what Light of Life is all about, check out this video:

I would like you to help me raise money for this great cause!

  • You can donate any amount of money! Every $1 counts. If you can give $1 give $1! If you can give $500, give $500! Do what you can!
  • Suggestion: You could donate $1 per mile = $26
  • Suggestion: You could donate a meal to the homeless per mile = $60.84 ($2.34/meal)

It is the holiday season and I know that a lot of you give a lot during this time of year every year. I would encourage you to give to Light of Life. I can promise you, your funds make a difference here.

If you are able and willing to donate, let me know by e-mailing me at

To give, please mail a check made out to Light of Life and memo: Doug Smith’s Marathon.

You can mail the checks to:

Attn: Doug Smith

915 Western Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Thanks you so much for helping make a difference! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

Love you guys!



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