Setting and Attaining Your Goals (Part 1)

“Is it possible that no matter how big your dreams are, how expansive your imagination, how ambitious your goals, they pale in comparison to what you would begin to see for your life if you would invite God into your life conversation?”

-Erwin McManus

Stanford did a research project on one of it’s graduating classes. They took a survey of how many people set goals and actually had them on paper. The result – 3% of the entire class had their goals on paper. Years later they took another survey of the entire class seeing what they were doing with their lives. The 3% that set goals literally made more money and were more successful in every arena of life than the other 97%. They attribute their success to having goals! (This was a brief summary of the story).

I’ve heard so many stories along these lines and I am convinced that if you want to be successful in life – you’ll need to constantly be setting goals, measuring them, checking your progress, and setting new goals. I want to take a few days and talk to you about goals – as usual  – I hope it adds value to your life.

Things You Must Know Before You Set Your Goals

1.) God thinks you can do anything – I heard Marilyn Hickey say that when she spoke at our church and it changed my life. Just think on that for a while . . .

2.) If you can achieve your goals/dream on your own, it’s not from God – One of my favorite things about God is that in order for us to accomplish everything He has planned for us – it will require us to be totally dependent on Him! Nothing is impossible WITH GOD! Dream big!

3.) If you’ll let God dream for you – You’ll do things with your life you’ve never dreamed possible – Ephesians 3:20 baby! One of my favorite versus: Now to Him who, by the power that is at work within me, is able to carry out His purpose and do super-abundantly, far over and above all that I dare ask or think (infinitely beyond my hopes, or dreams). God wants to do more than you could ever dream or imagine with your life – open up your heart to what He wants for your life.

If these truths aren’t established in your heart – you won’t dream as big as you should, you won’t accomplish  as much as you could, and looking back – you’ll wish that you would have let God be at the center of your dreams.


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