Setting and Attaining Your Goals (Part 2)

“Is it possible that no matter how big your dreams are, how expansive your imagination, how ambitious your goals, they pale in comparison to what you would begin to see for your life if you would invite God into your life conversation?”

-Erwin McManus

Setting Your Goals

I have a system to set 3 types of goals – they all flow with one another. I encourage you to find a system that works for you, but I hope this will help you! Obviously when you’re setting these – you need to be praying about what God wants you to do with your life and seek direction from Him first – then set these. Here we go:

My Life Plan – If you haven’t read Michael Hyatt’s post on creating a life plan – you should right now. I’ve mentioned it several times. When I set up my life plan – I basically look at all the different areas of my life and say – at the end of my life – what will I want this area to look like. How would I want people to speak of me at my funeral – God, my spouse, my children, my colleagues, and my friends. These are all lifetime goals.

Annual Goals – After I’m done with my life plan – I try to set goals (steps) that I believe I can take in one year to help me get closer to achieving my life plan goals. I set these in 7 different areas: Spiritual, Personal, Family, Financial, Physical, Professional, and Social.

Quarterly Goals – After I have my annual goals – I break those into quarterly goals. They ask what are the steps I need to take in the next 90 days that will take me one step closer to reaching my annual goals. These goals usually break down into what I’m going to do consistently on a daily and weekly basis to ensure I’m heading in the right direction.

Hope that helps you a bit – tomorrow I’ll talk about reviewing your goals!


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