Setting and Attaining Your Goals (Part 3)

“Is it possible that no matter how big your dreams are, how expansive your imagination, how ambitious your goals, they pale in comparison to what you would begin to see for your life if you would invite God into your life conversation?”

-Erwin McManus

As a side note on goals – Seth Godin had a great post on goals you should read here.

Attaining Your Goals

Make Your Goals Public (With someone) – I’m not telling you to tell the whole world your goals, however you need to find one or two people who dream bigger than you do and that you look up to and share your goals with them. Then ask them questions like:

  • Do you see this being a realistic goal in my life?
  • Am I dreaming as big as I possibly can when setting my goals?
  • Can we meet once a month and just check what progress I’ve made together?
  • Can you challenge me, stretch me, and push me along the journey?

Quarterly Review – You need to take one day a quarter and review your life plan, annual goals, and quarterly goals. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Did I accomplish my goals for this quarter?
  • If I did – what is the next step (goal) I need to focus on next quarter?
  • If not, why didn’t I hit that goal? Was it realistic? Was I lazy? What do I need to do to hit it next quarter?

Reset Your Goals – Once you’ve evaluated what progress you’ve made – Spend some time in prayer and set new goals for the upcoming quarter and repeat the process.

I know it’s not rocket science – but I hope this helped you set goals and I hope 2009 is a year where you accomplish more than you’ve ever accomplished before!


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