Silver Ring Thing, No Ding Before the Ring, and Second Chances this Sunday!

SRT High Stakes Promo from Jared Ott on Vimeo.

I am very excited about having Silver Ring Thing come to our Church this Sunday. Silver Ring Thing is a purity program allowing people to commit to sexual abstinence until they are married.  I’ve posted on purity and the program before,  you can read here. If you’re a youth pastor, leader, have teenagers of your own, or know any teenagers that you could bring . . . invite them! This could be a night that changes their life forever!

When: This Sunday (October 17th) from 6-8 p.m. Third from First will be playing as well!

Cost: $5 online, $8 at the door, and $20 for the Ring!

To Register for the Event Go Here:

Directions to Victory: Click here

Again, I can’t encourage you enough to invite as many people as you can to this event. This event has, can, and will change lives forever. If you’ve invited your friends to church and they didn’t want to come, try this out… tell them it’s all about sex! Do whatever you can to get them here!

Here are some other videos to wet you’re appetite on sex and dating, compliments of . . . Hilarious!


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