Soundtrack Review: Wicked

If you know me…Stop laughing… You know I love life and when I like something I’ll soak it up. I loved Wicked so much that I bought the soundtrack as soon as I got in from seeing it. (I unashamedly blast it in my car everywhere I go!)

Obviously I would recommend seeing the play before buying the soundtrack… but this is a great soundtrack!
My favorite tracks include:

  • The Wizard and I
  • Popular (I can dream! haha)
  • I’m not that Girl
  • A Sentimental Man (My new Theme song!)
  • Defying Gravity (My Favorite Track on the Album)
  • For Good (2nd favorite!)

Grade: B

Buy it on iTunes! It’s only $10!


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  1. Lets have a Wicked night haha… we’ll play the soundtrack and each person will play a role in the play!!! I’m the Wizard! haha… Ok… I’m a loser… but do you know how funny that would be?

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