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Doug Smith is a captivating storyteller whose journey defies stereotypes. When he inspired a group of high school seniors with his resilience, I knew our teachers had to hear him too. Doug's blend of humor and authenticity brought a fresh perspective on our impact as educators, leaving us all profoundly moved and motivated. His passion is infectious, and his message is life-changing.
Lori Pavlik
Principal, Peters Township High School

If you're in search of an authentic and inspiring speaker who not only captivates audiences but also provides actionable insights, your search ends here. Doug delivers tailored talks that resonate with both intimate gatherings and large-scale conferences.

Past Audiences Include
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How to Build a Great Life

You don’t find a great life, you build one. In this keynote, Doug will share practical and actionable steps that will empower the audience to lay the foundation that they need to build a great life.

Audiences Will:

If you seek to inspire and motivate your audience to construct remarkable lives, both at home and in the workplace, then Doug’s keynote is an ideal choice.

Stop Leading on Empty

In 2020, Doug faced a life-altering moment when the weight of stress, burnout, unprocessed grief, and unrealistic expectations pushed him to the brink. He was forced to take a hiatus from work and questioned his return. Through months of introspection and healing, Doug emerged with invaluable insights that have already transformed the lives of numerous leaders navigating burnout or mental health crises.

Key Takeaways:
If you’re an event planner committed to the well-being of your team and eager to promote mental health awareness and self-care, this transformative keynote is the perfect choice to empower and inspire your audience.
We would have him back in a heartbeat.
Melanie Mitro
4x Top Coach at Team Beachbody​

How to Have Hard Conversations

Doug’s transformative journey from passive-aggressiveness and workplace gossip to becoming a catalyst for positive change has led to a game-changing keynote: “How to Have Hard Conversations.” This riveting talk equips audiences with the essential skills and mindset to foster open communication, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a healthier organizational culture.
If you’re seeking a dynamic speaker to empower your audience to overcome workplace gossip, embrace hard conversations, and foster a culture of respect and open communication, this keynote is a transformative choice for your event.

If I Knew Then, What I know Now

With over two decades of experience mentoring teenagers, college students, and young adults, Doug has become a sought-after mentor for emerging leaders. His unique insights and life lessons have resonated with countless individuals seeking guidance on building a fulfilling life and excelling in their careers. In this enlightening talk, Doug distills the core principles that he’s shared with hundreds of young leaders, offering valuable wisdom for the journey ahead.

Key Takeaways:

Doug has delivered this impactful talk at graduations, baccalaureates, high schools, and college campuses, captivating and inspiring the next generation. If you’re seeking a speaker who can genuinely connect with and empower emerging leaders, this keynote is the perfect choice for your event.
We had Doug speak at three of our meetings this year and our members are already asking to have him back. He was able to deliver amazing advice to a room of college students while remaining engaging and funny. Touching on advice such as finding a mentor, continuous learning and focusing on your goals, I would highly recommend booking Doug to speak at ANY conference.
Kristin Adkins
Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Business Fraternity

How Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things can Make an Extraordinary Difference

In a world where Doug’s life was once veering towards addiction and despair, a remarkable transformation occurred. It was the collective impact of everyday individuals performing simple acts that ultimately turned his life around after the loss of his mother in 2002. In this awe-inspiring talk, Doug will recount his personal journey, leaving your audience deeply moved, motivated, and believing in their own potential to surmount any obstacle and effect extraordinary change.

Audiences Will:

If you’re in search of a speaker who can authentically motivate and stir your audience with a compelling narrative of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of ordinary actions, then this keynote is a must-have for your event.

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You Don’t Find a Great Life,
You Build One

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