Stock Your Library . . . With These!

A lot of you got e-readers for Christmas! A lot of you love to read! A lot of you always ask me what I’m reading. I thought I’d give you some of my favorite books to read, in case you’re looking to stock your library in 2011!

The links are all Amazon Affiliate links, which means I make referral money if you buy a book from clicking on the link! So, if you do see a book you’d like to read and you plan on buying it, do it through the link provided in this post!! Thanks! I hope these books add value to your life!

Today Matters
– This book changed my life. It’s my favorite John Maxwell book. All about the power of today. I go back through it often. This would be a great gift for a teenager or twenty something.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
– This book teaches you to have a prosperity mindset over a poverty mentality. I’m going through this over and over again so I can learn to make my money work for me instead of working for my money.

Think and Grow Rich
– Another book to teach you how to have a prosperity mentality. This is a must own and a must read book.

As a Man Thinketh
– The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people, is the way they think. This book will help you think the right thoughts!

Linch Pin- This book really helped me realize I can be an entrepreneur and create something that the world will value. It’s teaching me to dream big and risk going for it. I go through this book as often as I can!

Spiritual Leadership – Hands down the best book on leadership in ministry I’ve read.

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership
– The more I grow the more I recognize the value of this book. We all naturally have “dark sides” to our personalities and leading styles that can be a great blessing, but a great curse as well. This book teaches you to recognize your dark side and overcome it!

The Five Love Languages
– One of the most helpful books I’ve read when it comes to relationships. We all have love languages that we respond to. The goal: figure out other people’s love language and love them in that way! This book has been so beneficial to relationships in my life!

See You at the Top
– I’m just finishing this book right now. It’s awesome! It’s really helping me work on my self-image which is ultimately connected to my success!

The Total Money Makover – Dave Ramsey is a genius! He’s helping me become financially independent, he’ll help you to! Read this book, do what it says, get free financially!


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