Stop Stealing Dreams: Rethinking Education

In the last year, I’ve been becoming more and more interested in our education system. Are we doing the best we can educating our children and setting them up for success in the world? Seth Godin wrote a manifesto on this subject entitled, “Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School for?)” I’d encourage you to download it and read it. In addition to the manifesto, he recently gave a talk on this subject at a TedxYouth event. It’s well worth the 17 minutes it takes to watch it. I’ve included some of my notes below.


For the first time in history, we don’t need human beings to teach us how to do things, we have the Internet to teach us.

10 Thoughts on the Future of Education:

1.) Homework during the day, world-class lecturers at night teaching you how to do what you want to do.

2.) Open book/open note all the time. Anything worth memorizing is worth looking up.

3.) Access to any course any time that you want to take it.

4.) Precise focused education instead of mass-produced stuff.

5.) No more multiple choice exams.

6.) Measure experience instead of test scores. The end of compliance.

7.) Cooperation instead of isolation!

8.) Teachers role turns into coach

9.) Lifelong learning with work happening earlier

10.) The death of the famous college
2 Myths:

1.) Great performance in school leads to happiness and success.

2.) Great parents produce great kids with great performance in school

What do you think the future of education looks like?

What do you think of Seth’s proposal?

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