Success Doesn't Feel Like Success

God has really been teaching me a lot lately about enjoying the journey and making the most of today. I recently watched 3 of the best messages I’ve ever heard by Bishop T.D. Jakes in his Live on Purpose series (watch them by clicking on the link, clicking “The Potter’s Touch” and scrolling down until you see the series.)

In the series, T.D. Jakes said, “Success doesn’t feel like success. Rich doesn’t feel like rich. A successful marriage doesn’t feel like a successful marriage. A successful kid doesn’t feel like a successful kid.”

His point was that when you think that you will feel a certain way when you accomplish something in life, you are setting yourself up for disappointment because you won’t!. Why? Because no matter what you accomplish in life, every thing you accomplish comes with its own set of problems and imperfections.

We often look into the future with great faith that if we get “there” then everything will be perfect. It won’t. Think about your past. When you were in middle school, you always wanted to get to high school, when you got to high school you realized it wasn’t perfect and so you couldn’t wait to college, when you were in college you found out that wasn’t perfect so you couldn’t wait to get out on your own, then you couldn’t wait to get married, have kids . . . you name it.

Too often we miss out on what God wants to do in our lives right now because we are so focused on where we want Him to take his us next.

God wants the season you are in right now to be the best season of your life. It’s all you have! He wants to teach you lessons in this season that you need to learn. He wants to develop you in ways you need developed.

Stop putting so much faith in how you think you’ll feel in the future. You’ll never feel that you are truly successful, have enough money, have a good enough marriage, have good enough kids, etc. It’s all a matter of perspective.

God has you right where He wants you. Make the most of it! It’s better now than you think it is! You’re more successful now than you think you are! You have more than you think you do! You have a better marriage than you think you do!

Thank God for how good it is now, because one day you’ll look back and realize how good you did have it!


What you dreaming about that you think if you attain in the future that you’ll feel like you’ve got it made?

What opportunities or relationships are you taking  for granted now because you think it’ll get better someday?

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