Success Leaves Tracks

“Success leaves tracks.” –Brian Tracy

I’ve been very intentional over the past 10 years to find successful leaders and spend time with them. For years now I have tried to get together with at least 1 leader a month to ask them questions. I always send them questions I’d like to ask them before I meet them so we have an agenda about what we will go over in our time together. After a few years, I was so blessed by what I was learning from these men and women that I started recording those interviews and sharing them with anyone who would like to listen to them on the Learning to Lead podcast (you can listen to the podcast by clicking this link).

In my time spent with successful leaders, I have learned that what Brian Tracy says is true, “Success leaves tracks.” If someone has become successful in life, it did not happen by accident. It happened on purpose. If you will take the time to spend time with these people, they can literally walk you through step by step what they did to become successful.

In fact, Andrew Carnegie had Napoleon Hill spend time with some of the most successful people of their time and write an entire book on what he learned from these men. The outcome of his time with these leaders was the book, “Think and Grow Rich” which has gone on to be a classic and a must read for every leader!

If you want to do what someone else has done, you have to learn what they did to get there!

The point of this post is to challenge you to get around people who you think are successful. Whatever field you are thinking about going into, get around people who are successful in it! Learn how they got to where they were! Learn what price they had to pay! Learn what lessons they learned! Learn about their failures! Learn about their triumphs.Learn about how they manage their day. Learn everything you can from them!

If you don’t have access to the experts in your field, read their books, read their blogs, and listen to their podcasts! In the world we live in today there is no excuse for not being able to know the track that can lead you to success in any endeavor!

Success leaves tracks. The question is, will we take the time to discover and follow them?


Action Steps:

Make a list of 5 successful people you know that you could invite to coffee. Ask them. Send them questions! Learn everything you can! Then thank them!

Find 5 books written by people who are doing what you would like to be doing and read them by the end of the year.

Find 1-2 podcasts you can listen to from experts! Listen to them weekly!

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