Summer of Service 2010 Tribute

Every summer we have a Summer of Service program where 15-20 students come in an intern for a summer at Rev. This is one of my favorite things in the entire world! Our team and I get to spend a ton of time with these guys over the summer and we really do become a family over the course of a few months.

We could not have pulled this off without the help of some amazing leaders pictured below: Travis Trout, Tina Kruk, Strealy Clark, Abby Clark, Brianne Kessel, and our hero of SOS, McKenzie (the baby).

They gave up hours of their summer to invest in our student interns. They were such a blessing and I’m so grateful for each of them and so proud of them! They did an unbelievable job!

As far as the students, this group was so amazing! I could not speak highly enough of them. We held the bar pretty high with what we expected from them:

  • Write 3 sermons and preach one
  • Teach a nugget for devotions
  • Attend staff prayer weekly
  • Attend all Rev Events and Outreaches
  • Plan and Run the Small Group Olympics
  • Take notes and ask questions when the Pastors would come in and teach them
  • Co-lead a Jr. High Small Group
  • Have devotions, prayer, and worship for an hour
  • Watch John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership training
  • Read 3 books over the course of the summer
  • Listen to sermons by Pastor John and Keith Moore
  • Help plan and revamp Revolution
  • Serve and Lead in one area of ministry at Rev
  • Help with day to day office work at the Church
  • Blog Once A week

They all did such an amazing job and we created so many memories that we’ll never forget. I’m grateful for this experience and to get to be a part of these teenagers journey. They’ve taught me more than I’ll ever teach them.

Here are the students who were a part, along with a link to their blog (I’ll post a picture of them on Friday):

Summer of Service Blog

Anjelica Farino

Anna Bettencourt

Ariel Wick

Bethany Bettencourt

Cianna Nuzzo

Jesse Swanson

Lisa DiFalco

Michael Hamblin

Nathan Hamblin

Niki Wolbert

Rachel Johnson

Ryan Nuzzo

Hunter Stanchek

Lexi Brancadora

Veronica Nardini

To the interns, I love you guys so much! Never quit going after God with all of your hearts and you’ll go places you’ve never dreamed possible! I believe in each of you so much! Dream big and go for it! If you guys ever need anything, I’ll be there for ya. You were all an incredible blessing to me, our leaders, rev, and our church this summer!


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