Sunday Morning Reflections 11.16.08

Ok… so it’s 6 a.m. (I’m leaving for Atlanta tonight so I won’t be able to blog then)and here are my reflections from the week:

  • Click here for a list of all of the articles I thought were worth a read this week
  • Michael Hyatt had some great blogs on increasing your online presence that you should read
  • I’m leaving for Atlanta tonight to spend a few days with Jeanne Mayo and 35+ other youth pastors – I’m pretty excited …expecting God to do some big things! Whew!
  • One of my heroes (Pastor Larry Bettencourt) spoke at 19 North last night – had a great message you can listen to here.
  • Revolution is taking off – new website will be up soon, we’re remodeling the youth center slowly, but surely…it’s going to be awesome! Sean E Mo tore it up on Wednesday with a message on “Fun“. It’s worth a listen – Pastor Nathan is speaking this weekend (I’m anxious to listen!!)
  • Pastor John spoke on having a winning marriage that fired me up this weekend! Listen here!
  • Can you guys believe that Thanksgiving is almost a week away?
  • I think this Friday a bunch of us are going to go to light up night – you should come (just a thought)
  • Women – don’t forget that Perry Noble is in the middle of a great series for you called: Beautiful: A series for women and the men that pursue them! Listen to it!

Anyway… I don’t think I’ll be blogging this week while I am in Atlanta – when I get away… I really do want to get away from everything and let God do a huge work in my heart. I’ll miss you guys and I’ll be back on Thursday! Have a great week!