Sunday Night Reflections 10.19.08

So this was a rare week for the Bubs… I actually did not have a great week. You ever have a week that you just want to get away from everything? Where all the small things that bother you have all come together and exploded inside of you? I had one of those weeks, however, last night at 19 North God did some really cool things in my life and I’ll be posting about it tomorrow.

As for the week:

  • Amanda Phillips got married on Friday… I love weddings!
  • I burned my thumb on a pop-tart… AH!
  • Rev – Wednesday at Rev Vanessa Phillips spoke and tore it up… it was an incredible message. Every girl should listen to this (guys too!). Listen to the podcast here.
  • This weekend I spoke at Rev… I spoke on having God arrange your marriage…podcast should be up soon
  • The ministry of helps training at Victory was awesome!
  • The Rath Faction – Ben took some ? and A this week… still answering questions… everyone should read his blog!

I have a lot going on in my heart in my life…. keep me in your prayers!


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