Sunday Night Reflections 10.5.08

I had a long week… but a good one….here are some thoughts:

Ask Anything Friday – This went over really well… next Friday I’ll be in Chicago, but I’ll be bringing this back on a weekly basis! Get your questions ready!

Revolution: Had a great week at Rev! All Worship night was on Wednesday and Sean and the band tore it up! I totally bailed out on singing Jesus Freak in front of everyone.
Pastor Nathan kicked off our series: Going all the Way this weekend. He was awesome… Definitely had some great one-liners! I would definitely recommend hitting up the podcast!

Achieve Leadership Breakfast – It was great to get back to Achieve… I love learning leadership in the morning with bagels and coffee… little bit of Heaven! Pastor Larry taught on Alignment… good stuff! You can listen to current and past breakfasts on PL’s podcast here.

Marathon – Finished my last run with PL before the marathon on Saturday. I can’t believe that in one week I’ll have already run my first marathon! Insanity… Again, if you’d like to get live updates on our times the day of the marathon via text or e-mail go here.

19 North – David Faulk spoke at 19 North Saturday… he always fires me up for Jesus. Listen to David.

Google Reader
– I mentioned this last week, but this thing is awesome! You can put feeds of the majority of sites that you read daily on here and read them and share them! From now on… if I find something of interest (article or blog post) I will share it on my reader. You can check out my Google shared items here!

That is enough for now… back to homework 🙁 See you tomorrow!


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