Sunday Night Reflections 11.2.08

Is it me or is time flying by? It’s November 2008…what the heck! Halloween has come and gone! Before we know it, we’ll be putting up our Christmas Trees! Craziness! Life just flies by! Anyway… I had a great week… here are some thoughts/week review:

  • Friday night I got to live my dream and actually take part in haunted house. A team from 19 north and I went to serve a local home for troubled teens. I was dressed up as a Chicken and popped out of a box! I scared tons of teenagers! It was awesome. Some teens referred to me as an “F***** chicken!” – lol
  • Denny Pattyn came and spoke to the youth at Rev on Wednesday – he tore it up! He spoke on sexual purity- yea baby! It was awesome. We also had a costume party – good times!
  • This weekend was the big day at Victory. At rev we had 180+ in attendance with 27+salvations – I am so pumped for the future of Rev, 19 North, and Victory!
  • During the big day announcements – I got shot with 4-5 paint balls at each service by Chris Marnik – it was …. wonderful
  • Click here to see all the articles I thought were of interest this week

Hope you had an amazing weekend! Obviously I’ll be posting all about me this week since that is what you voted for… It’s going to be hard to let you know all about me in a few posts – I’ll do my best!

You’re awesome!


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