Sunday Night Reflections 11.30.08

I can’t believe tomorrow will be December… Thanksgiving has come and gone 🙁

Here are some thoughts from this week:

  • I’ve been listening to some Marriage Enrichment sermons from Keith Moore that have been rocking my world – Check some out here
  • If you haven’t been listening to “The Best Question Ever” by Andy Stanley – I strongly recommend you do!!! Get the podcast here!
  • Ladies – if you haven’t been listening to “Beautiful: A Series for Women and the Men that Pursue Them” yet – DO IT!!! Listen here.
  • Everyone is getting on Twitter – if you’re not on yet – what are you waiting for?
  • I did get lost on a run on Saturday – I intended on running for 40 minutes – it ended up an hour and forty minutes because I got lost in the neighborhood across the street -Ah!
  • Pastor Larry had his annual Jambalaya Christmas Party today – it was heavenly!
  • I had a wonderful Thanksgiving – went to my dad’s, grandma’s, and then the Mixter’s house to hang out with the Monaca crew – good times!

My Sister and I at Our Grandma’s (I love you Sara!)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!

Love you guys -Bubs


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