Sunday Night Reflections 11.9.08

So it has been a really crazy week:

  • I moved out on Saturday with two of my friends into a 3 bedroom townhouse – it’s pretty awesome! (I’ll post pictures at some point) I miss my dad and my sister – Love you guys!
  • Rev was sweet – Pastor Nathan had a great message on Wednesday and David Faulk tore it up on the weekend! Our attendance has growing consistently – I am pumped about that
  • Andy Stanley’s second message in his series “The Best Question Ever” is available to listen to – it’s pretty good
  • I started listening to a series by Keith Moore called “The Truth about Temptation” – it’s definitely worth a listen (but so is everything brother Keith throws down!
  • Here is a link to all the articles I thought were worth reading this week – enjoy!
  • I get to go to Atlanta next Sunday until Thursday to hang out with Jeanne Mayo and a bunch of youth pastors – I’m pretty excited – I’ve never been to Atlanta!

That’s good for now – night world!


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