Sunday Night Reflections 12.07.08

Another week come and gone- Can someone please slow down time! I just got in from Rev’s Leadership Christmas Party – it was a blast! Here are some thoughts:

  • We had an awesome all-worship night at 19 North – God did some awesome things in my heart . . . Love it
  • Here is a list of all the articles and blog posts I thought were worth a read this week.
  • Started a series by Keith Moore this week on Diligence (thanks Weav!) – it’s awesome!
  • I officially had my last week of classes ever in college – as of Friday I’ll officially be a college grad – WHEW!
  • I’m watching The Princess Bride right now – that movies awesome!
  • I’m tired – I’m going to be blogging on my year end review process this week – I hope it helps..
  • We had our Staff Leadership Christmas Party on Friday – it was a blast! We had a gift exchange game that got very competitive!! I ended up with a $25 gift card to Barnes and Nobles . . . I love books!
  • Pastor John had some good messages you need to listen to this week (Check out the podcast here)

Thats it… hope you had a great week!


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