Sunday Night Reflections 12.15.08

Alright… so I’m a day late… but tons of things happened this week… here you go:

  • I am officially done with College (undergrad) forever! Glory to God
  • We’re currently making a new website for Revolution – it’s going to be sweet!
  • Chris Martin is helping me with a blog makeover – he’s a blessing!
  • This was the first official week of training for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May – I’ll be training with Chris Martin and Scott Dozier – there are a ton of people running the half marathon – if you’re interested let me know and I can hook you up with them!
  • I went to one of my good friends, Ryan Walczaks, bachelor party Saturday night – I interned with him at Revolution – back when we were not allowed to date (oh the conversations we had about being single!) Now he’s getting mad – I’m so happy for him (his wedding is this Friday) Check out their website here!

That’s enough for now……