Sunday Night Reflections 12.15.08

Alright… so I’m a day late… but tons of things happened this week… here you go:

  • I am officially done with College (undergrad) forever! Glory to God
  • We’re currently making a new website for Revolution – it’s going to be sweet!
  • Chris Martin is helping me with a blog makeover – he’s a blessing!
  • This was the first official week of training for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May – I’ll be training with Chris Martin and Scott Dozier – there are a ton of people running the half marathon – if you’re interested let me know and I can hook you up with them!
  • I went to one of my good friends, Ryan Walczaks, bachelor party Saturday night – I interned with him at Revolution – back when we were not allowed to date (oh the conversations we had about being single!) Now he’s getting mad – I’m so happy for him (his wedding is this Friday) Check out their website here!

That’s enough for now……


2 Responses

  1. You’re growing up… *tear*

    I remember when Lish would come home talking about this kid Bubba that had all kinds of potential but just needed to grow up. It’s been awesome to watch you grow up.

    Congrats on school.


  2. Thanks Ben – I find it extremely difficult to believe you shed a tear haha.

    You and Lish had and have a large part of helping me in the growing up process! Thanks for believing in me and seeing my potential!

    I’m excited for all of our futures!

    Love you bro,


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