Sunday Night Reflections 12.28.08

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!  Here are my last Sunday reflections for 2008:

  • The best gift I got for Christmas was a book – “The Alchemest”
  • I’m convinced one of the best gifts you can give are books – make sure you write on the inside cover! It makes a difference!
  • I got to spend some time with my dad and sister – it was great – I love them both so much!
  • I saw 3 movies so far this break: 7 Pounds (Must see), Valkyrie (worth seeing once), Marley and Me (No comment)
  • Almost done with Keith Moore’s series on Diligence – it is changing my life – Definitely worth listening to!
  • I’ve almost done with my 2008 year end review – it’s been incredible spending a ton of time with God – I am so pumped for what He has in store in 2009 – Whew!
  • Here are all the articles/blog posts I thought were worth reading this week

I hope you all have an amazing new year!


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