Sunday Night Reflections 1.4.09

4 days into 2009 already! I’m loving the new year! I had an increidble vacation from work and now I’m ready to tear it up in the new year for Revolution! Here are some thoughts/links from the week:

  • I performed my first funeral service on Saturday – it was an honor and a privledge to be able to do that. I was really nervous, but God gave me the grace, and everything turned out alright. God’s Word always brings hope to people – so that made it a lot easier
  • Revolution kicked off our new series “Dirty Little Secrets” this weekend – Pastor Nathan had a great message
  • 19 North kicked off their series “Hope” and Zack Blair tore it up! You should listen to his message on hope here.
  • The New Years Party we hosted at my house was a blast – a girl caught her hair on fire and spilled sauce on our carpet – other than that – it was a huge success
  • Pastor John started a new series called “The Enemy of Purpose” – I’m pretty pumped up about it

That’s all I got… I’m exhausted… back to normal life tomorrow!


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