Sunday Night Reflections 2.22.09

So I took a week off of blogging – it was awesome! I never want anything to take God’s place in my life and I can very easily get caught up in my online social “stats” i.e. Twitter, Facebook, this blog, etc… it was a very refreshing week and I got to re-prioritize some things in my life… Good Stuff!

Must Listen to Messages: Listen to “Power to Reap“in this series and “Don’t leave your place” in this series by Keith Moore. (Both series are worth listening to, but those are my favorites in the series.

Here is a sneak peak of something coming up that will be a little side project for Revolution … Very Excited… What is it? Only time will tell…. for now… wet your appetite:

Recycled Tuna Sneak Peek! from I am Revolution on Vimeo.
That’s all I got…. tired…. night world


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