Sunday Night Reflections 9.14.08

It’s been a pretty sweet week… here are some thoughts:

New Season of Rev– Today we had our last service without a youth pastor. It’s been a little over a year of Sean, Zack, and I running youth. I am excited for a new season of Rev and to see it go to another level. I just helped move in our new youth pastor (Nathan Hurst), he is a great guy and I am pumped to see God work through him!

19 North
– Zack and Lauren and doing a whole month series called “Co-Ed” which is on sex, dating, and the single life. It’s a great series. Last night ZB took talked to the ladies and Lauren talked to the guys. I would recommend listening to the podcasts! Also, we’re having the first ever Silver Ring Thing 20-something event at Victory through 19 North this Friday. Do not miss that!

Redefining Relationships – Craig Groeschel had a great blog series this week on redefining relationships. He talked about how the bigger a church gets, the bigger our families become, and as we just grow up in life, we have to constantly be redefining our relationships with people. I’m just starting to see this in ministry and I am realizing it is a very hard thing to go through. Craig’s insight really helped me out.

Loves Correction and Submission and Authority
– I’ve been feeding on these two series by Keith Moore… they pretty much rocked my world. Everyone (especially young leaders) need to listen to these two series (along with all of Keith Moore’s series!!)

Fear Factor
– So we’re having a month long Fear Factor competition at Rev. It’s been crazy! We had our 2nd round this past Wednesday and made students bob for worms in all kind of nasty junk. It was a blast and I’m pumped for next week… only 4 contestants left!

I’m going out to watch the Steelers game with some great friends tonight… until next time! Love you guys!


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