Sunday Night Reflections 9.21.08

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post!!! Ahhh!!! It was a crazy week… here we go:

23 Miles – I had my last “big” run on Saturday before I start to taper in my training for the marathon. Running 23 miles wasn’t actually that bad! We’re only 20 days away from the 26.2 monster… I am pumped to get away!

102 Minutes – I meant to post this last week… Ben Rath had a fantastic blog post about 9/11 and the kind of people that were involved.

The Cadre
– I mentioned this before, but I am in a mentoring program with Jeanne Mayo. We had our first conference call this past week. It was awesome! She seems like an incredible woman, so loving, so down to earth. I am excited to get mentored by her! I’ll get to go to her house in November for a weekend in Atlanta (how sweet is that!!).

Rev – We had a great week at Rev. I got to hang out with Pastor Nate a few times this week… I am really excited about what he brings to the table! Rev is going to go to a new level!

Marriage – Ok… in the past month 2 of my friends from high school got married and one girl I knew just got engages this week. I can’t believe how fast time is flying… even more so… I am pumped to see who all my friends marry!

Just some thoughts…


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  1. Hey man, thanks for the plug. I’ll take all the traffic I can get. Having said that, the link isn’t working. I think you have an extra http:// in there.

    You da man!

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