Sunday Night Reflections 9.28.08

I had an absolutely amazing weekend!!! Here’s my recap of the week:

The Great Race – I got to run this for the second year in a row with Pastor Larry. We had a great time! I ran the 10k (6.25 miles) in 47:50 which comes to a 7:40 mile. I write that because it’s the hardest I’ve ever run that distance… I ran with everything I had and always wants to run under an 8 minute mile-Victory! PL and I ended up running an extra hour and fifteen minutes after the race all around Pittsburgh…it was beautiful! I loved it!

God’s Plan (Part 1) Comment Ben Rath left a fantastic comment on my God’s Plans (Part 1) post. YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!!

Life Plan – I read a post by Michael Hyatt that I loved! It is how he created his life plan. It really helped me with what I do to plan my life. If you’re having trouble giving your life purpose . . . this will help a lot!

Google Reader – I just started using Google reader which allows me to put feeds from whatever sites and blogs I read on a daily basis on one site. This makes my daily reading so much easier! If you read a lot of blogs and websites on a daily basis… you need this!

Wicked – I just posted my review of this…. read it!

Revolution was awesome this past week…we finished up Fear Factor. Two girls were in the finals and they ended up eating Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! Nasty! It was a blast! We had our student leadership training on Saturday morning and it went really well!

There is always more I could talk about… I’m exhausted though… bed time!



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