Sunday Reflections 12.21.08

Is Christmas really this week? I can’t believe 2008 is coming to an end – Once again – I need a machine that can slow down time… Here are some thoughts from the week:

  • Dating – Keith Moore wrecked me on dating – he said, “Because some of you haven’t been diligent – you haven’t met that perfect person yet. It’s been the grace of God you haven’t because they’d probably look at you and just keep walking – you’re not ready yet. Become what you want to attract!”
  • One of my good friends, Ryan Walczak, got married on Friday – I’m so happy for him!
  • I’m 2 weeks into training for the Pittsburgh Marathon with Scott Dozier and Chris Martin – through the process we’re all going to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically – it’s a joy to go through the journey with these guys!
  • This week I’ll be conducting my 2008 review – I am so pumped! If you don’t have a review planned for your year – I would strongly encourage you to!

That’s enough for now… enjoy your Sunday


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