Sunday Reflections 1.25.08

Alrighty – here are some thoughts from the week:

  • I had an absolute blast on the ski trip – I always look forward to that every year
  • I had an old friend from high school come to church with me today – I’m pretty excited about his life
  • Marathon training is going well – the marathon is nearly 3 months away – time is flying!
  • We had our best attendance at Revolution on a Wednesday in a long time – that pumps me up!
  • Sean, Cory, and I got to play video games the other night for hours – haven’t had a night like that in forever – it was a blast!
  • God’s Love – Zack had Ken Geisel share his testimony of overcoming cancer at 19 North via video and in person. He said something that rocked my world: He said, “Through the process I learned IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU – IT’S OVER (YOU CAN DO ANYTHING). You might say to me, Ken, you’re telling me you went through all that sickness and fighting the fight and all you learned was that God loves you?? Yep!”
  • Pastor John just wrapped up his series “Enemies of Purpose” – definitely good stuff – get the podcast!

Until next time – Love you guys!


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