Sweet Story: A Student Changed My Life Last Night

One of the things I love about youth ministry is being able to change the lives of young people. Something I love even more is when students change my life! God is pretty cool like that! I had something happen last night that I’d like to share with you!

I mentor one of our youth and we were going over a book I’m having him read called “Holy Discontent” by Bill Hybels. The student was telling me that his Holy Discontent was the culture. He wants to change the culture and help the church become all it’s called to be. He started getting teary-eyed and reminded me of a story I told once during a service. The story goes like this…

A man goes to Heaven and is asking an angel questions . . . The conversation went like this:

Man: Who was the greatest Preacher of all time

The Angel: (Pointing to a man sitting on a bench) He was

Man: I recognize that man – he wasn’t a preacher,  he was a janitor

The Angel: I know, but He was called to be the greatest preacher of all time. He just never surrendered His life to God.

In telling me that story, the student started balling to the point where he barely finished the story. I smiled and said, “It’s ok man, but why are you crying??” His response changed my life…. He said, “Because there are so many people like that today.” (Referring to people who are called to do amazing things for God and have absolutely no clue) I was speechless…

Some of my favorite lyrics in a song are in Hosanna, when it says, “Break my heart for what breaks yours” (Talking to God). We have to get to the point where we see people the way God sees them. We’ll never know who someone could become or what they’re called to be if they’ll only surrender their life to Jesus.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the work of the ministry and everything else going on in our lives that we forget what we’re actually called to do… we’re called to give people Jesus and allow Him to transform them into the people he called them to be. We need to take this call from God very seriously – peoples lives and futures are depending on us being obedient!

I’m so glad I got reminded of that last night . . . I hope this serves as a reminder for you.

To the student that I’m telling this story about – Thank You! (You know who you are) You changed my life last night… I love you brother!


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