Ted Talk: Jessica Jackley on Poverty, Money, and Love

Every Sunday while I’m doing X Stretch, I try to watch TED talks to hear from some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. The ones that I really enjoy, I post on here for you to watch.

Jessica Jackley started Kiva, which is a organization that allows you to lend to entrepreneurs in other countries so they can grow their business, so they can support their families, so we can help put a dent in poverty.

Watch this, be inspired, take action.


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  1. Hey Bubs. My friend introduced me with Ted Talks a couple weeks back. I grew up with Jess and her family and love her dearly. Big fan of her work!

    1. NO WAY! That is awesome! She seems like an incredible lady! Does she still live in Pittsburgh? I love Kiva!

      TED just stands for technology, education, and design!! It’s the best talks in the world! Great stuff on there! You should check it out!

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