The Best Decision You can Make in 2011

“Every Christian worth his salt reads the Bible cover-to-cover every year.” -J. I. Packer

I really want to encourage you and as many others as I can to make the decision and commitment to read through the Bible this year! There isn’t a book I could recommend more to you than the Bible.

I’d like to recommend all of you heading over to It’s an online Bible site that is awesome, they also have apps for the iPhone, iPad, Droid, you name it! They have reading plans here:

You can pick a plan that works for you! They’ll provide checklists, places to take notes, highlight verses, share your favorite verses on Twitter or Facebook. It’s awesome!

If you’re thinking about jumping on a plan you’re probably one of three people:

You Already Read through the Bible Once a Year – Try reading a different plan. Try something that challenges you. Make up Bible projects. Do book studies and stay on one book for a week or two! Start a Bible Study. Who knows, just make sure you’re getting challenged!

You Read the Word of God, but Never Feel Challenged – Commit to a plan! Choose one that will challenge you!

You Have Never Read the Bible Before – I wouldn’t necessarily try to read through the entire Bible in a year. Find a plan that will take you through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. Make sure you find a version that is easy to read and understand. I’d recommend the New Living Translation or The Message.

Finally, my friend, Zack Blair, wrote a great blog post talking about mistakes people should avoid when committing to a Bible reading plan! It will help you throughout your journey and keep you going!

Make the decision. Try it out. Dig deeper. It’ll be the best choice you make all year.


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