The Best of 2008 (Part 1)

The Best Lessons I’ve Learned in 2008

1. People need You when they Need You
2. Anyone can give money – it’s when you give your time that it makes a difference
3. It’s not and never will be Your Ministry – it’s Mine – so be obedient and work hard -God
4. Our first purpose above anything else is an intimate relationship with the Father
6. The Power of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love
7. People need consistent relationships in their lives – not entertainment
8. God is my confidence – I don’t need to compare
9. God cares more about me, than what I do for Him
10. The World isn’t watching me as closely as I think
11. The best minute I spend today – is the one I spend investing in people
12. Speaking is a very small part of ministry
13. Don’t bed led by Opportunities
14. The importance of time with yourself
15. What scriptures am I standing on for the things I’m believing God for?
16. If I want to be sensitive to God’s direction, I need to be sensitive to His direction
17. 2 qualities of a successful Christian life – 1.) Love God’s Word 2.) Love God’s word
18. Don’t put your pursuit of a mate over your pursuit of God
19. Your biggest attraction can be your biggest distraction
20. If I’m going to be willing to go, do, say anything God asks me to do, so will my future wife
21. What am I believing God for (My Ephesians 3:20’s list)
22. You can disqualify yourself from the call of God
23. The Significance of Saying – Sarcasm/Dirty Jokes
24. Always be leading something
25. People aren’t all where you are
26. My life is but a vapor!
27. People are going to summarize your life in one sentence – pick it now
28. In myself – I can do, say, know, and am nothing – in Him – I am everything
29. God thinks I can do anything!
30. Never put periods in your life, use commas
31. Always ask – am I able to sustain this?
32. The Best Question Ever is: In light of my past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?
33. Jesus is THEE Standard – Don’t let anything else or anybody else set a standard for you
34. God is my Source – not my job, friends, family, etc.
35. The Power of being Diligent
36. The downside of being sarcastic – to be taken seriously – you must be serious!
37. Who I marry isn’t only about me – it’s about all the people I’m going to reach with my wife!
38. Getting in the Word for Information vs. Intimacy


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