The Best of 2008 (Part 4)

Highlights from 2008

1. Achieve breakfasts with PL
2. Running Revolution for 1 year with Sean and Zack
3. Laurelville Retreat with PL and 180 Youth
4. Seeing the Lion King – Broadway
5. Monthly breakfasts with Pastor Craig, Zack, Ben, Sean
6. The opportunity (turned down) to intern in Atlanta w/Catalyst
7. My Life – Parent Night – 3 amigos (Zack, Sean, and I)
8. David Crowder Band Concert
9. National Youth Ministry Conference in Cincinnati with Sean (Saw Tony Dungee speak)
10. ? and A with Zack and Sean at Revolution
11. On the Border Nights with the Boys
12. Resident Evil 4
13. Joel Osteen (Mr. Steidel taking my dad)
14. Sara coming to church for a few months
15. Spoke at Concord – 180 Youth
16. Wynne Lewis Conference
17. Pens making it to the Stanley Cup – lost to Detroit
18. Having breakfast with Pastor Kistler from MRBC (Middle school church)
19. Riley’s High School Graduation
20. Running Race for the Cure with the Bettencourts
21. Impartation Conference – Keith Moore
22. Starting to Blog/Twitter
23. Meeting Keith Moore
24. Healing Team Training
25. Lunch with Pastor John
26. Vacation in Canada with the Walczaks, Cory, Geisels
27. Spending a week with Nephew Michael
28. Getting an iPhone
29. Running the Great Race with PL
30. Siba Dinner with Laura when she got back from NYC
31. Going through I Timothy with PL
33. The Cadre Fall Retreat to Atlanta at Jeanne Mayo’s House
34. Light up Night in Station Square
35. Thanksgiving at the Mixters
36. Phone calls with Brad Cooper (Perry Nobles youth pastor)
37. Ryan Walczaks Wedding

Revolution Highlights:

• Pastor Nathan getting hired

• Fear Factor, Cedar Point, Silver Ring Thing, Third From First Concert, His Beloved/Geared events and Olympics, Lunch and a Movie: Prince Caspian and Madagascar 2, Pizza Eating Contest, Nerd Prom, Summer Scream Camp in Iowa (Camp in the Cornfield), 4th of July Party, Costume Party, Paintball, Turkey Bowl

• Series: Culture Wars, Say What, Only the Strong Survive, How to be Rich, On Your Own, The One, Story, My Revolution, Fear Factor, Going all the Way, Identity

19 North

• Roller Disco
• Broom Ball at 19 North
• Glade Run Halloween
• Video Scavenger Hunt
• Moving into the Main Sanctuary


• 1st year on staff at Victory Family Church
• Finishing my 2nd year of Bible School
• Running the Chicago Marathon
• Becoming a part of The Cadre – Jeanne Mayo’s Mentoring Program
• Leading my First Leadership Meeting – Taught on Teamwork
• Graduating from Robert Morris University
• Moving out of my House

That was 2008 for me – An unbelievable year – Really looking forward to 2009

What were some of your highlights and accomplishments?


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  1. Bubba… and just realize that God has even great PLANNED for you… Steps to your destiny… I’m love you and and am so proud of you… PL

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