The Best of 2008 (Part 5)

The Funniest Moments and Quotes of 2008

So I just finished up typing out all of my funny memories and quotes from the year . . . I’ll share with you some of my favorites. To my friends – I hope this brings a smile to your face! I have 7 pages worth – I couldn’t/didn’t want to share a lot to protect the innocent. So here you go:

Funny Moments:

  • Olympics – Chris Pushing Jordan into the jaggers –“Ahh it’s a jagger bush you idiot!”
  • Getting “pulled over by an Indian with a disco ball in his car
  • Reeling in a huge catch only to find out it’s a huge stick!
  • Seeing the Rabbit in Monte Python for the first time
  • Riley getting mayonnaise in the face then D’Amico got him with the punch game

Funny Quotes:

  • 4:12 has definitely made me more popular – Swanson
  • Chinese lady – you want a  receipt?– you think I am a machine?
  • Aren’t they the Riverside Rabbits? –Ja-Quan
  • Never Trust a Fart (Bucket List – Canada haha)
  • Why are wives so expensive? They’re worth it!  (QUOTE OF THE YEAR!)
  • You’re the appendix of Christ – Wynne Lewis
  • I never ask how anyone is – They might tell me – Wynne Lewis
  • Welcome to Ministry! -Pastor Moore
  • “I pound all my waitresses” – Me (you need to know the context)
  • They keep Scooby doo in a cage – write your government – Mark D
  • “I Got THONGED! Everywhere I go – THONGED” -Anonymous
  • “I wanted to body slam the devil” – Faulk
  • Weaver, “Big things come from Texas – big meat!” (At the David Crowder Concert)
  • Duffy at Conference “I always thought I’d explain my argument logically and my wife would say, “I’m wrong, you’re right, lets have sex!”
  • Gesiel after the Giants won the Super Bowl – YEA IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING…NOTHING… 18-1!!!!
  • Zack, ‘I hated football in college, so I shanked a field goal!
  • Riley – “Piece of Crap”
  • Dr. Phil – Have enough sense as a cow, eat the hay, and spit the sticks
  • Me: How did you get a date to homecoming Nuzzo?  Ryan Nuzzo: Why are you still single?

There you have it! Have any funny moments/quotes that you think are worth sharing – let me know


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  1. I have to ask…was the thong one from my dad? Because it definitely sounds like him hahaha. And if it isn't, never mind haha.

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