The Best of 2011

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Top 10 Viewed Blog Posts of 2011:

My Favorite Blogs to Read in 2011:

Top Ten Books I read:

Best Messages:

Places Traveled to:

  • Boston
  • Munich, Germany
  • Austria
  • Bannf, Canada
  • Ft. Meyers, FL
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Cleveland, OH
  • New York, New York
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • West Virginia
  • Philadelphia, PA

Bucket List Items Complete:

  • Became a Youth Pastor
  • Attend the US Open
  • Get Engaged
  • Travel to Europe
  • Go to a Concentration Camp
  • Run Serveral Marathons (Philadelphia)
  • Run a marathon in under 4 hours (Finished in 3:53:20)

Major Events Attended/Places Gone To

  • US Open
  • Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Boston Marathon
  • Philadelphia Marathon

Best Restaurants (In Pittsburgh):

The Best Movies I saw:

  • The King’s Speech
  • Source Code
  • Never Say Never

Biggest Accomplishments:

  • Became a youth pastor at Champion Life Church
  • Became Volunteer Coordinator at Light of Life Rescue MissioN
  • Got Engaged, Started planning a wedding
  • Ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 3:53
  • Became an Uncle to Brody Hunter Hohman


  • Going to see the Boston Marathon – Christy and Matt!
  • Getting Engaged at the Top of the Hub restaurant in Boston, MA
  • Weekend in Boston
  • Prepare to Last with Laura
  • Lunch with John Walczak
  • Dinner with Dave Stanchek
  • Being a Beachbody Coach
  • P90X2 coming in
  • Insanity
  • P90X
  • Brody being born
  • JAB Nights – John, Andrew, Bubba
  • CLC Staff meetings!
  • Cadre Retreat – Men of Honor & Secretariet
  • Dinner at the Kronk’s
  • Starting OnlyGod.uS
  • PKF Gala
  • Golfing thing at Nevillewood for Light of Life  – Dinner
  • Nola Quadruple Date – Ben, Lish, Laura, Zack, PL, Kim, Lauren
  • Capital Grille with Mike and laura
  • Winning two hockey championships with the Colonials!
  • Trip to Bannf – The Gondola, Staying in a Castle, Great meals
  • Visiting Lake Louise!
  • Driving the 1-A in Bannf with Mike and Laura and seeing the wild animals!
  • Impattation – Keith Moore giving $1 million to Victory!
  • 20 mile tour with Tunch walk around the Burgh!
  • Meeting Dayna Steele at an NSA meeting!
  • Kenny Chesney Concert and the Zack Brown Band
  • Trip to Ft. Meyers with Ben and Cory – Mike Ash!
  • Hillsong United Concert in Pittsburgh
  • Leading the Paskey Quad North Alliance
  • Being involved in the pKF
  • Harry Potter finale!
  • Watching 24 and Prisonbreak!
  • Volunteer Appreciation Event at the Bistro to Go!
  • CLC Kickoffs!
  • PKF Gala
  • Road Trip to Harrisburg with Tom Baker!
  • James Wedding
  • Volunteer Orientations!
  • Light of Life Gala at the LeMont!
  • Providing 107 Thanksgiving dinners to needy families or the North Side w/Urban Impat!
  • Philadelphia Marathon Weekend
  • Aunt Susie and her family coming up for Thanksgiving
  • Steelers Game with Barry Emge and Rick LaValle!
  • Pirates Serving at Light of Life
  • Tailgate Party – Light of Life and PKN – Steelers, Pens, Pirates, etc. – My dad and Budavich!
  • Germany – Concntration Camp, Mittenwald, Munich Castle, Austria Trip!
  • Saturday date days with Laura – Ice Cream!
  • Camp with CLC United
  • Bar Harbor 2011!
  • Tunch and Wolf’s Walk! Eating a burger with Tunch!
  • Steelers in the Super Bowl – Lost!
  • Bar Harbor Maine 2011
  • Going to the Leadership Summit at Orchard Hill
  • Speaking at Youth Camp in WV w/Laura – Retreat too!
  • Going to the US Open / NYC
  • Harrisburgh with Tom Baker and Crew
  • Relationship with the PKF – LOL
  • LOL Walk for the Homeless
  • Munich Germany

Best YouTube Videos:

    1. Chuck Testa’s Taxidermy Commercial

    1. Chuck Testa’s Remix

German Interview Gone Wrong:

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel – Christmas Presents


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