The Butterfly Circus

This is a powerful 20 minute short film that you need to watch. You could show this at church, youth, or to your family at home. I first saw this on Michael Hyatt’s Blog – it definitely grabbed my attention. To see it in full screen you can view it here. It’s starring Nick Vujicic from Life without Limbs, who has changed my life several times with his words. Take a few minutes and check it out:

My favorite part is about 11:30 into the story. It made me think – what things do we believe about ourselves that are holding us back from our God-given potential. I’ve rewound that part a ton of times, thinking about the beliefs that are in my heart that are a result of my past that simply aren’t true.

I hope this film encourages you, allows you to see yourself how God sees you, and encourages you to recognize that you can make a difference in the world just by being who you are.


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