The Dangers of Comparing – Catalyst Takeaway #3

They are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant! -II Cor. 10:12

Catalyst Takeaway #3 – The Dangers of Comparing

Rick Warren had an incredible talk at Catalyst. At one point he started talking about comparison and said there are two dangers that come with comparing:

1.) We’ll find people better than us and get discouraged

2.) We’ll find people we’re better than and get into pride

He went on to say that at our judgment, Jesus isn’t going to ask, “How come you weren’t more like them(your heroes, the people your comparing yourself to, etc.)?” He’s going to say,”I made you to be you – I don’t need doubles, why weren’t you more like you?”

Jud Wilhite said, “Until you settle the identity issue in your life – you’ll never have or be enough…there is no enough – you need to learn to enjoy the journey. We need to surrender our view of us for God’s view of us. When you know God’s love for you – you don’t need validated from any other source.”

I think we all struggle with identity and comparison issues in our lives, however I believe everyday we can take one step closer to realizing who we are in Him. The more revelation we have that we’re complete in our union with Christ (Col. 2:10), the faster comparison and insecurity will fade away.



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