The Immigrant Shop Keeper

Once, there was an immigrant shop keeper whose son came to him one day complaining and said, “Dad, I don’t understand how you run this store, you keep your accounts payable in a cigar box, your accounts receivable is on the spindle, and all your cash is in the register. You’re never going to know what all your profits are.”

The immigrant, shopkeeper, father, said to him, “Son, let me tell you something. When I arrived in this land all I owned was the pants I was wearing. Now your sister is an art teacher, your brother is a doctor, and you’re a CPA. Your mother and I own a house and a car, and this little store. Add that all up and subtract the pants and that is your profit.”

I love this story. Where have you come from? What has God done in your life already? How far has He brought you? Who has He enabled you to be around? What do you have now that you never had before?

Be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have, where you are, and who is around you!





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